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Launch: Paris Climate Bond concept launched at UNFCCC climate talks

Climate Mundial today launched the Paris Climate Bond concept at the In-Session Workshop at the UNFCCC climate talks in Bonn: Exploring financing and use of the CDM by international climate finance institutions.

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Report: The Status of Green Bonds and International Climate Finance

Green bonds have been growing in popularity, a trend that could be bolstered by the widespread attention given to Pope Francis’s environment encyclical and the looming global climate talks in Paris. But what exactly is a green bond? Who determines for investors if something qualifies? And what role might the United Nations play in answering those questions? Daniel Rossetto, managing director of Climate Mundial, this week took a closer look at the state of green bonds for Bloomberg BNA’s International Environment Reporter publication. Download the article here: BNAgreenbonds

Green Climate Fund Seen Demanding UN Carbon Credits (Bloomberg)

As the Board of the Green Climate Fund meets in Bali, Indonesia from 19-21 February, Climate Mundial draws attention to the possible design of the Fund’s Private Sector Facility, which will be of interest to participants in the CDM market.

On the CDM the paper states:

“Regardless of the fate of carbon credits as compliance instruments in a post-2020 world, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has created a credible and transparent framework for results-based (pay-for-performance) financing of low cost mitigation activities, in poor rural and urban communities in developing countries. Using reverse auctions to establish required floor prices, the PSF could provide price guarantees on certified emission reductions (CERs) from CDM projects that supply clean efficient cook stoves, high-efficiency lighting, solar photovoltaic supply and solar energy appliances, small-scale biomethanation projects and the like, driving private capital into marketplaces and countries where the product and services are unaffordable and private capital is rarely deployed at scale. The PSF could retire the CERs to avoid double-counting by re-use of these CERs for compliance purposes.”

This item and others related to climate finance were the subject of an interview today by Climate Mundial managing director Daniel Rossetto with Bloomberg News. Contact us for further details about the interview.

29 August 2013 – Shifting Carbon Market Focus Shows Target Success (“The Pulse”, Bloomberg TV)

The European carbon market shows us that emissions trading can deliver greenhouse gas pollution cuts much more cheaply than forecast. The next challenge, which is for all nations of the world to consider, is how to reform carbon markets to realise their full potential to drive investment in cleaner technology. Click here to see Daniel Rossetto, Managing Director of Climate Mundial and global carbon markets expert, speaking yesterday in London with Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson on this critical topic.

3 December 2012 – Free Carbon May Chop Renewable Costs, EON’s Schaefer Says – Bloomberg

The EU is now considering changes to its carbon market to fix a glut of emission permits, which will be one of its few chances to mend the program and show it can help stimulate economic recovery, said Daniel Rossetto, managing director of Climate Mundial Ltd., a London-based consulting company that works in carbon markets.

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