Net Zero & Carbon Markets

As governments and corporations around the world develop plans to achieve net zero emissions, there is an ongoing debate about what role carbon markets can and should play in this. In principle, carbon markets allow countries and firms to find the lowest cost ways to reduce emissions. Implemented well, markets can lead to a capacity to ‘raise ambition’ or increase the targeted level of emission reductions over time. Critics, however, suggest that market-based approaches – including offsetting – might serve to delay the more significant changes needed to decarbonise. Both arguments have merit, though the final conclusion depends on the given set of circumstances of each emission reduction program or initiative being considered. There isn’t really a ‘one size fits all’ answer. We are dedicated to providing analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of carbon markets and other forms of carbon pricing to support the development of both public and private sector net zero plans with environmental integrity incorporated as a bedrock principle. Contact us for further information.